About us

Pytaj o certyfikowane produkty FSC® w naszej ofercie




Volume Trading was formed in 2002 for the purpose of supplying the European kitchen DIY & merchant markets with strategic wood products via their partners in Eastern Europe.

The Volume Trading group specialises in the following program of products:

  1. Real wood worktops and real wood shelving is available in multi species and sizes as required. In specified (AB or BC) quality sanded or pre-oiled with WOCA FDA approved worktop oil.
    We also offer Silkwood finished worktops giving the ultimate quality and the most exceptional finish in the market.
  2. Fibreboard Underlay for laminate and real wood flooring.
  3. XPS Flooring underlay.
  4. Wide range of PU underlays suitable for laminate/engineered flooring; under carpet flooring or sport flooring.
  5. Floating Shelving systems in honeycomb construction and solid form.
  6. Exclusive supply of real wood parquet "Flooring on the net".
  7. Engineered real wood flooring.
  8. Silkwood own brand products including treatment oils for flooring.
  9. Wood components for the furniture / building & flooring industry.
  10. [MiTable] table systems.

Most of the above products can be supplied "Own Branded" and sized to customers' requirements. Because the company is quality focused with several unique products the current growth is in double figures despite the economic downturn.