The Oak mosaic industrial floor design gives a very individual finish; comprised of very thin and long blocks of oak, this creates a unique appearance. This design would be virtually impossible to recreate with existing mosaic designs where all the blocks are laid individually. This is only possible because it’s created on the net and laid as one tile made up of hundreds of individual staves all machined to a very high tolerance. The Oak comes unfinished and can be sanded then finished in oil or lacquer. Smoked oak gives a very unique dark colour that will create unique character of the interior.

icon_silkwood All flooring delivered sanded. Pictures below shown in revolutionarz SILKWOOD finisch.
KLIKNIJ TUTAJ to find out more about SILKWOOD.

SILKWOOD is our unique surface finish that results in one of the highest quality finishes in the market. The process was originally developed for the new Eurostar St Pancras terminal, in total 6000m² of Jatoba was oiled using WOCA Denmark products. The finish, its hard wearing characteristics and the speed at which it dried were essential. With several million visitors using the terminal every year the finish is a proven success story. It uses technologies that combine together to create the SILKWOOD finish .The first is the WOCA penetrating oil used, this - as the name would suggest - penetrates into the surface of the wood and then oxidizes and hardens within the wood.

This creates a hardwearing surface that is resistant to stains, general wear and tear. The second crucial element of the process is the patented SILKWOOD finish, this is a sanding and finishing system that mechanically forces oil into the surface – it guarantees near complete saturation of the wood that is impossible with normal techniques. The second element of the SILKWOOD system is its sanding and finishing – created from technology used for sanding glass. Thanks to that we are able to produce a wood finish that feels like silk. This revolutionary technology means that any product with the SILKWOOD finish will have the best finish available in the world. Please contact us for the information on SILKWOOD finishing materials.


Enables to lay 56 staves at once.

Stave size: 10 x 10 x 250
Size: 10 x 280 x 625
Pieces per pack: 12
m2 per pack: 1,68 m²
m2 per pallet: 151,20 m²
Packs per pallet: 90
m2 per truck: 3000 m²

Allowed: natural color differences, sap wood up to 20%, knots up to 5mm